Chargement Évènements

Intervenants : Sabine Denis (The Sprouts / WWF), with the biologist Roseline C. Beudels-Jamar (head of the Conservation Biology Unit at the IRSNB, and President of the Board of Directors of WWF Belgium), with the intervention of special guests active in biodiversity restoration

Expert in sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and community engagement, Sabine Denis has worked mainly around the topic of sustainability. She lived a profound transformative learning experience during her masters in Ecology & Spirituality at Schumacher College (UK) and decided to start a Schumacher inspired initiative here in Belgium. She will share her knowledge and experience on what role business can play in the restoration of biodiversity.

Biologist Roseline C. Beudels-Jamar is head of the Conservation Biology Unit of the IRSNB. She is currently the President of the Board of Directors of WWF Belgium. Nature conservation is as much her profession as it is her life’s passion. And she has nearly 40 years of field experience in many countries, including Indonesia, Rwanda, Thailand, India, Nepal and the Congo Basin countries.

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